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unconditional - set your goals lyrics



somebody show me the way to take the phone call that i got today.
i feel sick, i can’t believe my ears.
this can’t be possible, will somebody disconfirm my fears?

this can’t be true. silence has ruined me with these secrets,
so hard to keep, so forget about them forgetting.

not gonna be a second chance.
i’ll never push you away but i still don’t know how to make this okay.

i’ll never push you away, blood is thicker than shame.
i see you fall down.
i’ll never push you away because you’re my family,
it’s unconditional.

i’ll never push you away but this is killing me.
it’s a bitter pill to take.
where do we go from here,
and will we ever be normal again?
degraded with this sin you’ve kept within,
it’s like a stain that you will wear inside,
that you can never wash away.
this silence is ruining our lives.
your secrets i can’t keep inside.
you’re suffocating all the good we see in you.
this is so hard to swallow, it’s a bitter pill to take.
you are ruining what feels smaller than the rest
of your troubles (so) let’s move on,
it’s been unspoken for so long.

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