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lirik lagu 3. robin hood – sgt. nico


[verse 1]
we get lit, from daily faces we meet, draining their energy, they don’t even know they sleep, so we give it back once a week
imma just go up and get it, hand it out for the broke (yuh)
quick visit out there in rome, handing my mixtape to the pope (yuh)
look at me tryna flex up and sh-t, sapiens tryna defend the d-ck but quick to forget about thunder-cl-t, on some real when you come to think of it
my sack wouldn’t cope with a kick, i got b-tches pushing out little kids, here we fighting for junk in the bin, like i found this so i sell it for ten
sapiens walking around and they acting foolish, can’t even be outside the house without the f-ckin toolie, daddy knocked out on handlebars so i had to grow up through the movies, ain’t running no f-ckin marathon except for jason or krueger
look at all these stats, none of them fit my persona, would you believe that? you wouldn’t even if you wanna
i’m just in a point of view where i fix flaws for no extra dollars, never been a man worried about my commas, i just flip and bounce em
starting from bottom making things possible with what we got, running laps round em right then and there on the spot
give me a minute i gotta see what’s in the making before we march, if it’s a trap we need to stay alert and always ready for war

they come get you (for what?)

[verse 2]
i got what you need to stay up in this game, i got filipino connections in a sea of nations to name
i’m still driven to get it alone, ready to zip it up
confidence in my stones, ‘cuz i didn’t let no one but me pick em up
look at these problems in a bundle that you’re spreading out in the huddle, negative message for my thoughts to fumble, i’m like jackie in bronx always ready to rumble
demons in every direction and level but i’m gonna get em i go by the gut since i was around seven, i know what to do and i know what to tell ’em
flip it sell it stack it yeah, they don’t want you doing that – spend it loan it up want you stuck on payment cuts
90’s middle cl-ss trust me i would know what it’s like to recycle, complaining even with privilege had to wear my brothers clothes even if he didn’t like em
plastic over there, batteries in the container, fabrics going here, but never returned no paper
i might just go yeyeye i’ll throw it wherever i wanna, free labor for you b-st-rds and these taxes are meant for bailing out your daughter
just an example but you might know where i’m headed and it’s always for the head, couldn’t let them choose when they keep asking for lower levels instead
hiding from vicious people who think that they might understand, got answers in theory but always got it wrong for the practical plan

they come get you (for what?)