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lirik lagu idk – sh-wa


she smell the vibes
the smoke in my lungs
some kinda drugs
but she want the vice
ion got time
i’m gettin mines, but she needed mine
i’m doin fine, i ain’t gon lie, i’m like a mile away
i don’t need sh-t tho i cop safe
i don’t need drip ride this dirt like wave
f-ck i need love for i got me a check
i don’t need jack tho i got me a wraith
i don’t need sh-t hoe, id rather get paid
i better head out before i get made
gimme the blunt i’ll be straight
i better pray i’ll be saved
i’m the best, in the west, you can bet on that
ima mess, ima mess you can bet on that
give me s-x, gimme flesh, i’m obsessed with that
your know less than my ex i can bet on that
where you been at? i don’t know
what you been on? i don’t know
are you stressed? i don’t know

ooo, got me mortified
they just want the old me, wait then who the f-ck am i
they just want my bag, hol up that ain’t gon slide
she just wanna talk, b-tch i’ll leave you tongue tied
then i’m goin moc-5
ugh that’s been on my mind
i don’t really love this b-tch i’m trynna p-ss the time
i don’t answer calls less it’s on money on the line
i don’t ever cap, issa 100 all the time
b-tch i’m trynna catch a vibe
i’ve on a wave, i can see the other side
meet me half or i’ll leave you on the side
she said what you on, you gon need to specify
this ain’t just a 8th, shwa been sippin cyanide