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lirik lagu revelations iii – shabzi madallion


i’m way too many people at once
they’re confused they’re calling me what they want
instead of realising the real line is arts
we only giving our heart in the game no front
you don’t really get me and what i’m trying to do
they listen for like a little bit
and think they know you
what’s with the hatred
if i don’t really matter
then why the fuck are you shaking
if it’s not positive
why the fuck would you say it
some people are struggling
and wanna take it out on me
take it out on others
instead of facing your situation
especially if we’re not connected my nigga be free
get therapy before you die before your time
too many friends hit me up and day they’re checking me
but really wanna discuss drama
the energy is contagious
plus misery loves company
that’s for days man
there’s too much gossip in your pocket dog
it’s either watch your back or cut them off
say they love you ’til they have to love you
’til their action is speaking the language of their hustle
getting harder to relate to you like old days
and the silence is showing me that we all change
and these daysi’m questioning everybody uh
even myself, i’m paranoid, it’s ugly dog
hoping my niggas trust me the way that they claim to
hoping my sister love me the way that she say dude
separation anxiety got me thinking hard
your affirmation expired that’s how we broke apart
you gotta over-communicate if you play for keeps
don’t worry ’bout me i’m doing therapy every week
i’m meditating and introspecting like heavily
that’s my advice for niggas feeling like very weak
too afraid to share because you feel ashamed
of the pain but i get it there’s no other way
what are friends for and what’s the point of family
you got me giving way more than what you’re handing me
this generation is sad and misguided
these relationships we have are one-sided
indecisive, can’t decide if i’m deciding
to give more than what i have or let you go
self love first i got this one from my bros
conversating with mama got me feeling at home
connecting with my dad whenever we on the road
being great usually means you gon be alone
sad cases got me wanting to stop pursuing
peace over rap my nigga i might do it
’cause at this point, i might lose me the right niggas
over dumb shit that we’re not prepared for
i’m scared dog
bro telling me that’s life nigga be careful
who you care for, right nigga