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lirik lagu 3am – shaymon


[verse 1]
you been
for me
to scoop you
you been
for me
to kiss you
we ain’t gotta play no games
as long as you keep it real wit a real g
me and ol’ dude are not the same
wit me you got possibilities
late night
phone calls
when he
doze off
don’t matter (no)
if he finds out (yeah)
you are (oh)
mine now (yeah)

you call that dude on the side (on the side)
when you wanna ride
i can see
he don’t treat you right so let me make it right
leave him
if you wanna
love me
then again
you tell him not to worry
i’m just a friend

[verse 2]
i think its
how you want me when ya lonely
i think its
how you call me thought you were happy
i don’t mind
being on the side
as long as i s-x you right
ain’t me
that’s why ya late
night creep
at 3am