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lirik lagu 2nd intro – sheff g


lyrics from snippet

great john on the beat, by the way
i kept this only the intro, n*gga
look, look, look

there’s so many times should’ve been crackin’ moves, huh
i was steady breakin’ rules, huh
couldn’t stay up in school, huh, n*gga, look
know the hood but you know a n*gga got a move, huh
ain’t no love, it ain’t no rules, huh
i miss [?], [?] and [?], huh, n*gga, man, look
on god, i miss my n*ggas, my n*ggas
know i’m here for my n*ggas, you get k!lled for my n*ggas, man
on god, i miss my homies, my dawgs
you don’t me at all, so don’t bro me at all

there’s so many of my dawgs out there need a leash, huh
money turn once, i was in a brief, passin’ with a breesh
i wasn’t with it, look
room full of dawgs, look at me…