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lirik lagu first lighter – sherman records music playlist


sip and go victory for relocation/
can’t miss im star from cold block/
heaviest midnights value and trade life/

first lighter im first light/

by standing don’t meant/
i wouldn’t fire shots back/
i straight wear engine out/
baby hate my problems/

thats leds to scarface ganster/
blows and ounces and scales/
power and money and deep out/
got carry guns/

but caught with guns/
makes the racks get save/
i is major sports games major/
spots side work alone with copay/

weight sherman don’t slip/
face regular contributes/
i ended at a middle finger/
on days i see you/

slowly do real so many my goonz/
living and alive from one corner/
correct my sorry now roll p-ss/

we see your car crash/
speeding threw traffic light/
dail tone then i have move/
towel for players/

im owner in reserve/
banks holding my paper/