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set me free - shinxbiblade lyrics



baby, take off your coat

please let me take you home

mixing up the purple with the coke on my nose

two watches up on my wrist and you know they’re froze

balenciaga on me and you know it glow

know i got my chopper on me and i’ll make it blow

i knew i never shoulda fell in love with no hoe

i shoulda known that she would leave me cold

i can never fall victim for your lies again

oh no

and i can never f*ck with you or f*ck with your friends

i know
being real with you i didn’t want it to end

but now i’m happier without you than i ever could’ve been in your hands

felt my heart break when i heard you had a new man

but i had to move on and my heart had to grow

bad b*tch hit me up, treat me like kurtis blow

i can’t believe that i thought we’d grow old

wasn’t the best for me, probably the best for my soul

but i’m happy to see that you fixed yourself

glad that you found god, really fixed your

i know the feeling kinda odd, but i might
as well

let you know my sobriety went downhill

gotta take another shot just so i can feel
another what i might pop, i’ma pop this pill

i was passed out on my bathroom floor

all of these narcotics, they finna get me k!lled

things ain’t what they seem to be

in public, i be smiling

but when it gets behind the scenes

i take pills till i can’t feel a thing

baby, let me tell you right now

i’m a dog and your heart was my pound

then you went and kicked me out, you was like kung lou

and i almost k!lled myself, but i’m better now

but when n0body’s around, i’ma pull the pills out

when it hits nightfall, baby, i’ma pull the thrills out
took a random tab and that sh*t made me blackout

when i woke up, told myself i’d never pull them back out

but i’m going through the heartbreak, i’ma pull them back out

things ain’t what they seem to be

my life is a dark ass scenery

everybody likes my songs, but do they hear me

they don’t understand the words, but for help i scream

oh no, you never know, you never know

listen to the words, you can tell that i’m at my low

only thing that makes me feel better

perkies and dough

only thing that makes it worse is my heart being cold

playin with my heart like poker

you really had me f*cked up, i think you’re the joker

vvs on me, it’s not a choker

i used to be sober, then i got my heart broke, turned to a smoker

i got money now, but n0body to spend it on

pull a box of pills out, now i’m finna get it on

mixing up the codeine

that sh*t really making me yawn

i treated your heart like a queen, you treat me like a p*wn

honestly, didn’t think i could go on

didn’t think that i’d ever take down the love song

remember every day, we would always call

now n0body hit my phone, so i gotta go ball

i’ma die soon, gotta work hard before i fall

i hope when you see the headline, you’re in awe

and remember all the times that i went in raw

and remember that time that i locked your jaw

i ain’t what i seem to be

these demons, they calling me

picking up my phone, make my wrists start bleeding

hearing your voice make me stop breathing

but i don’t miss the way i was treated

i don’t miss feeling like i wasn’t even needed

we was always fighting and i was in the deep end

always going through my sh*t, man, you was always creeping

never once did i ever think about someone else

i only wanted us

even if it wasn’t good for my health

i was by your side cause it was love and not l*st

i ain’t even do sh*t and i broke your trust

you really had me feeling like i wasn’t enough

but it’s over now, so i pour up a cup

then i drink till i’m faded and i don’t give a f*ck

i ain’t what i seem to be

you told me that you needed me

turned around and you started leaving me

when i read that text i couldn’t breathe

you were everything and more to me

now you’re someone that i don’t wanna see

i still kept everything that you trusted with me

don’t want you to take this personally

gotta restart, gotta move on

yeah, i got a broke heart and i need a new one

i remember you was calling me telling me that you want something

i sent you the money for it and then we move on

heartbreak sh*t got me taking pills till i’m gone

it was the only way for me to move on

mixing up a bottle of the codeine

faded while i sing this song

i’m not gonna be alive for long

heart beating through my chest, you would think it’s kong

only thing that calmed me down was a hit from a bong

bullet right through my head it explode like a bomb

to be honest baby, i didn’t think i’d make it this long

oh no, you never know

if you look me in my eyes, see the sorrow

i hope that i don’t make it to tomorrow

i’m tired of acting fine, meanwhile my heart froze

i ain’t finna grow old

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