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lirik lagu 12:58 in nyc – shitty boyz


[intro: babytron]

[verse 1: babytron]
that’s on god that we next to blow
bin god, this a 6 you will never know
most hated where i’m from, it’s whatever though
knockout chop, the k will turn ’em to the letter o
haha, that means i’ll put a hole in ’em
call the b*tch andrew, this little hoe wiggin’
ballin’ overtime, i used to get no minutes
caught him drinkin’ lemonade and shot him, cole bennett

[verse 2: trdee]
it’s so sick, we talk wet on these samples
she sent me a booty pic and ask can i handle
not playin’ with these n*ggas like i got a broke ankle
without steve i would’ve been broke, i’m so thankful
boy you should stop standin’ if you don’t wanna die
see my man, he wanna f*ck, girl he just really shy
hit you with the k like i’m mad and i’m really dry
when i’m talkin’ chopsticks, no i’m not eating thai

[verse 3: stanwill]
i don’t serve google chrome, b*tch is swiper, fox
gamebreaker chop, when it shoot boy it fires shots
when i leave the store, that’s when the fire stops
cause the car heat it don’t matter if i slide or not
i can teach you how to punch, kung fu master
tried to trap with the double team, now it’s two caspers
me and bro both slam, so we two slashers
got the opps hatin’ from behind, told ’em move faster

[verse 4: babytron]
won’t stop ’til a [?] in my crib
and my [?] season, b*tch i’m punchin’ off the grid
used to act fake, now they f*ckin’ with the kid
b*tch used to play, i’m in her stomach touchin’ ribs
100 ’til i’m dead, 100 since birth
shoot the .40 one time, boy i’m comin’ durk
won’t fight a soul, boy i’m punchin’ at the clerk
i’m a breadhead, spillin’ crumbs on my shirt

[verse 5: trdee]
up a big bro, i can do it
yo b*tch ain’t sh*t, little n*gga, i can prove it
if cap was a language, then you n*ggas would be fluent
gettin’ money was a class, then you n*ggas would be [?]
i’m in ny, lookin’ for spider*man
tron got fire on him, please call the fireman
you don’t suck d*ck? please leave, that’s a requirement
boy in the class hookin’ up like a scientist

[verse 6: stanwill]
in the lab, i ain’t talking hip*hop
credit theft, god askin’ me when the sins stop
i ain’t gon’ lie, probably won’t if the bin pop
fire on the road, just burnt through the tenth stop
talkin’ love got me bent like an elbow
wear my heart on my shirt, what i tell hoes
n*ggas snake, probably couldn’t even spell broke
shoes on my feet, foreign, dawg you can’t spell those

[verse 7: babytron]
flamin’ with the slides like a molotov
cappin’ ass, boy you a bottle top
hittin’ stores, boy but i gotta stop
the visa like babytron, boy it’s gotta pop

[verse 8: trdee]
tron you snap too much, you gotta stop
been hittin’ for a bin, so i gotta shop
this money get any b*tch, so i got a lot
she was real ugly with an ass, so i got the top

[verse 9: stanwill]
fight me? you better off tryna sock the rock
cause my dawg, he a demon, he pop the glock
shooter playin’ minecraft, he chop a block
soul let him think they on go, he stop an opp

[verse 10: babytron]
bins hit forever, hit the mall and get whatever
shoot a shot with my b*tch, she a rim protector
jam readers with the work, i’m a chip neglector
vloggin’ in the mall with two sticks, put the clips together

[verse 11: trdee]
i just rawed her, baby we can’t be together
i’ma f*ck you once good, we can’t see each other
they tryna copy me, n*gga we can’t be each other
i ain’t watchin’ kd, boy i keep the thunder

[verse 12: stanwill]
last opp got blew like a kleenex
call of duty stick, foregrip for the reflex
twenty days on the road, i don’t need rest
master pedal in the beam, boy this a speed test