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lirik lagu chained – shkurg



sometimes i wish i was past
always hide in the back so i last
saw lives went by, memories in my head, go back and die instead, real fast

but now i know ’bout the world. they cover things i want to unfold. my life, stories still untold. if i do this right, i can make some gold

i know a match box, got punchlines firing
and a tin can ’cause my desiring
all the hate of below it’s really tiring
they talk sh-t, but i keep grinding

can’t handle the pain, of you leaving
that’s why you’re the main reason
i’m still in this place, breathing
my head is a maze, confusing

you can make me go insane in my brain
everything f-cked up
i’m chained. tears of rain
thinking ’bout stuff
they can hate as i’m awake
that’s why they act tough
i have faith, jaffa gate
shut it off