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lirik lagu 4ever is 2morrow lyrics (feat. jamm) – sho baraka


my heart has caused me so many losses i never really thought it through/
we live a lie think we never die, but tomorrow catches up with you/
forever, we shouldn’t waste our time together/
so many people want forever/

verse 1
we would do dirt just because of peer pressure/
two knuckle heads and we ran the streets together/
just to impress the homies we would do whatever/
now you’re locked up and it feels like (forever)/
some reason i feel like it’s my fault/
you found out i found faith, i found out you got caught/
you serving time, i’m serving with time/
you guilty of crime, i’m guilty of crime, against the divine/
we thought we would forever do dirt/
the un-quenching of man’s thirst, forever is man’s curse/
now we see the consequences and they hurt/
an easy way to ruin lives when you put self-first/
there is always freedom behind bars/
we roam freely but we don’t recognize ours/
forever is tomorrow/
there is hope for your worries and rest of your sorrows/

verse 2
yeah lady you are mine/
its you and i until the end of time, (that’s a mac line) /
this covenant don’t mean much to most/
they get a little spooked then their ghost, (what a joke) /
hey this is more than a rhyme; i’ve been called to provide/
even if i’m the last of my kind (clever)/
yes i know there’s more; we’re on one accord/
we will please the lord, (whom we stand before)/
it’s more than opening doors, real service is more/
this is even through rich and through poor/
some don’t think about the vows their taking/
oath before god and the promise their making/
these other jokers they don’t see a queen/
i guess it’s hard when they don’t see a king, (know what i mean)/
this cant be hollywood romance/
if that’s an indication of love, then we wont last/
that’s a system that’s built against us/
they sale l-st and they’re just here to tempt us/
i am physic i can predict the weather/
the storms may come but the sun shines forever/

verse 3
what’s this all about forever is tomorrow/
well life is short and our time is borrowed/
and the lender wants his payment/
and its impossible for us to make arrangements, (were so endangered)/
let me introduce you to a stranger/
who can pay your debt and turn god’s anger (born in a manger)/
he’s the path to forever, he’s the standard and measure/
he brings god and man together, (clever)/
when man wants his own way, and evil is ok, /
when he knows he should go right and goes left/
somebody’s gotta pay for those who disobey/
sacrifice was the only way, he took death/
i’m talking about christ the son, the righteous one/
the only way tomorrow will come/
i’m speaking of life eternal, life that’s borrowed/
he’s more than a good man with morals/
he’s the reason we move and breath/
you know peace when you know the king, (god intervened) /
i know you’re thinking these christians do to much/
we can’t do enough in lieu of what he’s done for us/