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lirik lagu 16 bar challenge – shohra


let me flip the switch on these b*tches tryna pull me down in a ditch
but i’m f*cking bound to be rich
astounding like crowning the prince
arousing when they be clowning runnin’ round and around, you it’s sick!
y’all better sit down and i’ll turn around so that all you can kiss…

my ass

cuz listen when i drown i don’t b*tch about how this life is a nightmare
in my mind it’s frightening when i get enlightened like lightning
and i might take flights to new heights with them bars you dyk*s gotta fly to even like ’em, but i swear to god you’ll never be like me not even slightly!

im fire b*tch i’m spicy
don’t like these new icy’s
contemplating my scheme..
original even though it just might seem like

people sayin’ that i got eminem’s flow, well guess what me and him don’t
so go take notes, dip a pencil in the ink, oh sh*t oh no it’s a pen though, what is wrote is wrote
‘cuz you gotta be mentally beat to even think sh*t’s so easy when i read these lyrics do i sound like g*eazy or weezy?

still no, i’m like an iron hull with a giant leviathan dove and tryin’ to blow a hole in my rhymes
but i’m an infallible maniacal violent soul, and man i’m outta my mind but i’ma rise to the throne!!