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lirik lagu 16 (prod pink) – shorelinehighs


(i love you)
i, i, i…

used to be an anti*drug kid

[verse 1]
that all changed
when the medicine hit
i’m taking all these pills cause
they make me happy
i ain’t got no limit cause
i’ma take many
i look up to the sky
and i wonder to myself
which drug is gonna be
the k!ller of my health (my health)
is it me or is it her
i can’t f*cking tell
i’ve fallen so far in… (oh well)
i like this girl so much
and i don’t know how to say it
i’m doing all these drugs
and i f*cking hate it
i took a tab of acid once
i thought that i made it
another bean laid out
i’ma just take it
i’m seeing all these wizards
i’m seeing all these ghosts
remember that other time when i overdosed
seeing flashes off
when the skeletons rose
(skeletons rose, skeletons rose)
(i don’t know how to help myself)
used to be an anti*drug kid

[verse 2]
i’m 16 now
but i’m off the hit
dmt [?] my brain
now it’s gon’ release my pain
and it’s gonna feel the wave
i’ma just f*cking break
shatter me to pieces
and [?] my loves away
i’m far to this life
like i’m high everyday
everyday, every hour
let’s just count it by the second
when i go back
i’ma take more [?]
nothing happened