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lirik lagu 4 the headpiece (interlude) – shyheim


[intro: shyheim, (down low recka), {rubbabandz}]
(yo yo we gonna wreck this right here yo we gonna wreck this
r’s gettin this beat ready knowi’msayin)
{so set it set it set it} (n-gg-z gotta come down
is wu-tang in the house or what?)
{is it? is it?!}
(yo shy, yo shy set it)
nah nah nah set that yo down low recka
(yo dude yo dude yo dude w-ssup dude)
{nah nah nah it’s not my turn to burn}
(who gonna bubble this baby right here
who gonna bubble this?)

hot i hit the scene all dipped down in black
makin all the clowns run they jewels with their vests
i’m impressed with the plan i’m gonna spark it
test me, i’m quick to draw blood just like an artist (what!)

i set it off with a shot cause n-gg-z forgot
that i got the props and this rap they locked
in the streets i be playin for keeps so don’t sleep
cause my nickle plated sword collects meat

[due lilz]
f-ck the fourteen shots to your dome
cause the real live brother knows it only takes one (blap-blap!)
i’m more liver than a party in bed-stuy
(shaolin island, no more mister nice guy)

[down low recka]
straight from the slum it’s the recka
strapped with a tech on the down low kid, i want wreck
i’m blunted, c-ck your back gats money run it
for said i want a hundred, your jewels and your current

[outro: shyheim]
yeah, wu-tang clan comin out ya
the rugged child in the house
i’d like to give a shout out
my man on the b-ssline