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lirik lagu four walls – sicky g


four corners of the room that surrounds me
still dark, but this time the mic’ placed centrally
in a tight sp*ce like david silva looking for a pass
i’m near the right place mentally
i went to sea, no paddle
horseback with no saddle
wasn’t ready for the battle, wasn’t meant to be
ill prepared for the task, left scarred
no mistakes come twice and you’re yet to see the best of me
i won’t let it get the best of me
get my level head to next level like a mezzanine
memories are kept, only lessons that they’re meant to be
music gets the weight off my chest so the breaths are free
stuck between two ways to live
if i turned back time then yes i’d do it differently
or accept that it is what it is
and this is the sh*t that’ll build me intrinsically
don’t want sympathy, i want symphony
still feeling the power
got a voice on the mic
what i say, know my actions are speaking it louder
45 pounds that i’m down and i’m proud
now 166 like call me an alfa
bravo to me and both middle fingers to any of my doubters
time is money, money’s time
use each for the other, lack either, you suffer
stay in reach of your brothers
if any of them fall they ain’t reaching the gutter
speaking, you stutter, i’ll say it with chest
steps to recover, only place i’m a runner
one ceiling uncovered
living under the stars
no limits to the heights i’ll reach and discover
four walls in this room, only you and i
tell me how you feel
tell me what you’re going through inside
tell me all your thoughts
tell me how you’re gonna act
i’ll share you mine, i hope they’d be true aligned
demolition of this cage that’ll ruin lives
do or die, on my own terms like a suicide
grass green here, i’ve been on the bluer side
picked myself up, no help like an uber drive
still see it in my dreams and the memories
pour another glass, that’s the remedy
ahead of me, unknown, no celebrity
i’m on both sides, one on one like penalty
i remember everything, trust me
four walls and the concrete dusty
oh lord, and you know i meant nothing
bro, i ain’t playing, let me skip that cutscene
if it doesn’t build you, it k!lls you
sh*t that strengthens me k!lls you
survival of the fittest on this path
difference is, we can both do it but i will do
know if i ever hit your dms
i thought i was lonely
felt blind ’cause i couldn’t see her
embarrassed to be looking back
now we’re even friends
and all i’m seein’s “read”
like the scuderia
i don’t want no enemies, put our sh*t behind us, man
come and shake hands like “it’s good to see ya”
lyrically i haven’t seen a challenge that i couldn’t face
only one winner like the bundesliga
four corners of this album
music is an art and i use it for expression and an outlet
perfections what i’m chasing, i’ll never settle
and my best sh*t isn’t even out yet