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lirik lagu khalifa – sicky g


[verse 1]
first things first, if i said it then i mean it
if it came from my mouth, then believe it
came into the game and you know i’ll never leave it
if you wanna see me gone, grab my d*ck and go and eat it
i ain’t got a ceiling
if i did you couldn’t see it
less you fly over khalifa in a lear
i ain’t gonna read it
if you’re @*ing me on twitter, tryna cap or getting bitter
so there’s no reason to tweet it
always frontin’ to a set back
i got scars on my heart like a chest tat
now i’ve nearly got my best back
feeling like i’ve found my new self like an expat
is she just the next bad tale or my best chance?
i don’t want no games or to risk that (never)
i don’t wanna play like a test match
now it’s like if she’s not a keeper then f that
i see these other shire rappers get their numbers by
buying numbers, you thinking we think your numbers high? (i see you)
undeniably liars, i think it’s undenied
they’ve no right to be writers so it’s no wonder why
it’s no wonder they adore me
shout to all my brothers out who big up and support me
no i don’t forget like dory
all the legends of the game who played it before me
this is why i ever wake up in the morning
through music i narrate to you my story
i just got some passion and a talent thats flowing through me in gallons
i’ll be rapping ’til i’m way into my forties (brrr)
i’m on her block list ’cause she don’t wanna talk
i can’t play certain songs ’cause they’re messing with my thoughts
certain places i can’t visit like before
i guess addictions just another of my flaws (just another one)
just another floor to polish like the burj dubai
i think i’m good but i’ll never live a perfect life
i want p’s but it’s not for the urge to buy
i just wanna repay everybody that for me provides
growing up we did some silly stuff as kids
rip off my clothes, underneath you’ll find the toughest skin
unknown, bottom rung is where i’m coming in
it’s like i’m playing centre back the way that all in front are mid (haha)
i don’t think my writing has seen better days
got ’em on the ropes, i could finish all these heavyweights
yet i spend a couple grand to not be getting paid
they got a feast, i can’t even seem to get a taste
like they’re sleepin’ on me, i’ll go and rest my case
i’m sayin’ it with chest, i don’t hesitate
i don’t guess, i don’t mess, i don’t estimate
the only thing that’s great about you is you were yesterday (you’re gone)
i got imagination, when i’m sleeping it’s a curse
academic affirmation won’t affect my aspirations
affidavit at the station, i don’t cap like in a church
every time i spit a verse you can see my application
born and bred in sydney
but any time i’m looking at my boys in the uk, i’m like “that’s my nation”
that’s my home despite the fact i only visit
i’m a manny boy despite the fact i’m home in sydney
fancy dinner dates, feelings i can’t recreate
think her curse is working, it won’t go, it just alleviates
paid my dues with interest at a ceiling rate
so i just stay invested in myself, i’m not in a race
if i can’t tell the truth about it, take it under with me (grave)
not a soul but my brudda know, who done it with me (no one)
i give apologies for that but what’s been done is done
when i asked for sorry back, you said there wasn’t one to give me
[interlude: sicky g & ]
alright, let’s just*
back it

[verse 2]
call me roy, it’s like kino way i pack a punch (keano)
max ammo on these vocals, zombies stacking up
i’m drinking juggernog the way that you can’t get me down
finally found my sound, it’s like the pieces all just adding up
it’s like this sh*t tryna come together blissfully
if there’s a mess only i can make it history (messi)
not everyday’s a good morning, kanye
but i’m still working off the ball, mane
shining underdog, (ahhh) amrabaat
i’m a writer, producer, and a camera man (everything)
i gotta separate with commas not an ampersand
i’ll take on any challenge, know i will like i’m anchorman
always elevate my levels so the flows cold
if you don’t yet then you have to accept it
i’mma have you in submission like a choke hold
if you don’t yet then you have to respect it (respect it)
only weakness i have is for the brunettes
you already know i’ll k!ll any sh*t i do next (done)
no kids so i’m raising the roof
next year they’ll admit they just stans like an uzbek
who’s next? who’s left to get slept?
got that 1*2 head that’s producing the threat
don’t call, just shoot me a text
they had the lead but i’m moving ahead
and, yo, i been moving, still creep in silence
like a special forces sas team wreaking violence
i’m raiding your air waves, hear it in the sirens
i spit fire thats why i’m living with the pilots (spitfires)
i don’t get tired of spraying with this hip fire
so many bars i’d send mars into retire
road to the top, i ain’t seen nothing steeper
i’ll climb the whole sh*t like i’m eth on khalifa (ethan hunt)