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lirik lagu sleep in the grave – silent light


we are all such a bees that can’t hear anything
except the commends
we are all such a beads that might be victims
for the hands of demons
like a part of mills in the world of speed
aimless dead and weak in the world of headway
sleep in the grave your soul has waned in the fate
sleep in the grave your heart taken to the game
they bring you to death from fear of the death
this just a bliss that they behest is going to h*ll
the lives are worthless cities in the cage
breathing is forbidden
the wealth have been theft justice in the chain
the world has eaten
the lies shown truth wars wide for the lose
the numb in heart will be arms for the k!ll
now in the age of haste just keep yourself from waste
in the time unrest, just leave yourself out of hatred
see our date see we can change our fate