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lirik lagu 1789 – silver mountain


*waiting in prison
all alone with my thoughts
i wonder why i have been chained
people all along me
are screaming a sigh
when they notice the n0ble is dying

**k!ll’em, hang’em
people are shouting
fight them, don’t slow down
take the lives
mercy does not exist

i don’t know if i’m guilty or innocent
fight for my freedom
but he knows what is what
everyone’s guilty
thats the armistice
(** repeat)

never before
i am losing my life every second
the king and the queen
they are finally disrobed
they don’t need their hats anymore
(** repeat)
guillotines calling
and i’m near the and
sun is falling down
eternal life is far away
i don’t know what to say
no last deal
the time to kneel
the light of life is gone
show me the ways
without any blames
seems that i have lost

this time
yeah yeah
(* repeat)
(** repeat)
(** repeat)

mercy does not exist
mercy does not exist
mercy does not exist
oh, oh, oh, oh