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lirik lagu 11:20 – since99


sh*t, to be honest, you know, i’ve been chilling
so i really, you know, i got some sh*t to say
you feel me? ok, yeah, uh huh

[verse 1]
i feel like ben carson when i gift him with hands
i’m in the kitchen mixing pots with the pans
he ain’t get the check so he returning cans
we just hit the 20s you still wearing checkered vans?

neglecting his parents and popping xans (pop)
finna jump at the gym like i’m larry nance (jump)
said he rocking amiris but i see a d*ckies logo
i got shooters in phoenix, elie okobo (pew)
had to stay independent and move solo

cause i ain’t tryna sign me a 360 (no)
bernie stay with them sticks we ain’t talking pixie (b*tch)
like a prank in the hood it get real risky (yup)
david rob in the clip i been keepin 50
and i been about hustle rip to nipsey
sipping on mike jones b*tch i’m tipsy (yup)
playing this warzone, b*tch i’m busy
i just caught your mans eating a glizzy
bernie was talking that sh*t so i had to pull up to his tri*sp*ces
finessing his racks now he acting irate
said she want ruth’s chris i’m a cheapskate
took her to chik*fil*a for a cheap date
medieval times, louis v the breastplate
arabic plug and he stay in kuwait

[verse 2]
hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, let me just wait
my pockets on sosa, sorry 4 the weight
they said i fell off that ain’t up for debate
had to shout out my plug when i gave him a plate
he still serving pack at a very low rate (very low rate)
and i just tryna to go ahead and cop an estate
took my chop out the closet i hope that he’s straight

they make me sick
a year ago i mixed the raf with the rick
a&rs tapping in and that was a trick
some labels would sign me but that was a miss
the caddy was with me but then he just dipped

wait hold up, nah, no i can’t trip
controlling her kids now she acting like tip
pour a deuce in my rock creek now i’m taking a sip
said he got palm angels but his drip is from old navy
think it’s time to go serve me an old lady
mix the bourb with the dog tyler kadi
and the dmv calling me slim, but i ain’t no shady
i won’t stop til i’m in a mercedes
and you stuck in the bucket it’s broke down
said he juugin’ the plug he a whole clown
make the word disappear now he dumbfound
catchin plays jarvis landry the dog pound
off the turtle pie don’t wanna come down
sippin’ texas ranger when the sun down