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lirik lagu daniel thesis – since99


[verse 1: since99]
let my og spread the floor, call him “daniel theis”
you be shopping up at clearance, we go full price
glue that .9 to your back, call you “ronnie price”
i don’t trust no motherf*ckers, why would i believe the hype?
bank plan sterling, now we reaching different heights
hit a b*tch like swae lee, i ain’t never had no type
feds in the back, go right
[?] a walking puddle [?]
white plug, call him “charlie weis”
big bag, you don’t get no slice

[verse 2: babytron]
ten human races but tomorrow it’s a yeezy day
catch a edd and wipe it clean, that’s a piece of cake
sl!ck talker, she ain’t trust me, told her take that leap of faith
big drac’ full of bath salt, bullets eat his face
i’m with 99, touch down in the a
it’s time to lock in, i need a bust down and wraith
got a fluke*ass check, finna bust down the bank
thousand dollar triple s’s just to stomp out yo face

[verse 3: stanwill]
aye, crackheads with the air, i don’t rock no nike [?]
scat pack racing through the a, b*tch, we with 99
he ain’t peep the stick and knuckled up, oh, it look like he dying
tron spark the za back to back, oh, it look like he flying
yeezy and adidas, rock it daily, they should sponser me
foreign with the nitrous, it look like we playing rocket league
ducked off, for real, but i’m everywhere the profit be
don’t ask me ’bout the opps, they be everywhere that swanson be