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lirik lagu 10 toes – sir skitzo


you ever been in a relationship
where it seems like nothing can go right
no matter how hard you try
you just get bullsh-t mistreated or cheated on
well f-ck it
its been a couple months
and girl i really miss you
every day it’s getting harder to continue
and for a moment i started to forgive you
then realized on the side you was f-cking him too
and now you wonder why i’m mad
i ain’t gotta lot but still gave you what i had
every opportunity to please you i would grab
but you took my love for granted then just stabbed me in the back
f-ck, uh
that’s when i finally had enough
you was hanging with the dudes that just tried to break us up
yo i told you how i felt
and you didn’t straighten up
so i took the hint hunny and i finally gave it up
uh, yeah
and now you acting all innocent
saying i did the same sh-t that you did to him
not a chance babe
both our incidence are different
i flirted with a girl when you started swapping pics with him

that’s when i knew it had to end
these hoes will say they love you then go try to f-ck your friend
i thought that we was perfect
now her name is in my head
if i had one wish
i’d wish i could forget
but i can’t
now i’m in the rough reminiscing
but all the times i could have left her br-ss but i didn’t
three years past now the pain is finally hitting
but i bet she feels the pain every time she hears me spitting
yo, reminding her of all my success
while she hates herself and probably wished an early death
but i felt the same way when i read the texts
saying she was using me for fame money and the s-x
f-ck my ex
i wish i’d never met her
she focused on attention while i focused on the cheddar
so i never seen it coming now i’m glad we’re not together
i don’t dwell upon my last
i’ll make sure my next is better, yo