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lirik lagu the difference between – sirens


i find it hard to say
that your american dream is just a fantasy
it’s just a fantasy
it’s just a fantasy
despite all our advances
it’s just a fantasy
drying,my tears run out
and leave beds of action
crying, the screams of doubt
lead to the fearless reactions of our world
there’s such a burden upon my shoulders that leads me
to believe responsibility is mine
contradictions and hypocrisy are ripping apart what we
have worked for
we are the sons
marching towards days of dignity
we are the sons
the sons of liberty
this is the worst of whats to come
the days go unending until dawn
the nights seem like sleepless eternities
awake to new days where hope still remains
is this your world?
this isn’t my america
through hundreds of sleepless nights
we’ve come to terms
with our fates.
these are the times that will try all our souls
whats left of what they started? of us all?
the struggles we face are hard and their fierce
blazing a path that needs to be cleared
reaching for new beginnings
look to the sky for answers from prophets and saviors
realize that no one or nothing can save you
hope is all we have
through all of our struggles
we’ve come to terms with our fate