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don't die - sixty lyrics


ay, f*ck it
next opp that dies is going into the whip

can’t snap the car that i’m driving
it’s frying, don’t care if that sh*t is a foreign
don’t die for snap, don’t die for nyash
can’t lie that sh*t is appalling
what you know about driving, gliding on license
the dinger just keeps on stolen
borings, get boring
if i step with the wap, guarantee that i’m scoring
most drills that i done, were done out of boredom
fresh outta jail, you know it been horrid
can’t name [?] if jail [?] callin’
free the guys, rip to the fallen
man beg beef, just for a [?]
huncho bells, it can’t never be a shortage
bro cash downed an ak*47, like why the f*ck do you think we warring?
like, rose got done in his head
like, twin got donе in his neck
like, twigz got done in his chеst
if we part of the body, mandem are breast
why do you think the opps are stressed?
why you think? why you think?
what you know about chillin’ in the back of a ride cah your legs too long for the ped?
cool, we established that i’m tall
no, i don’t play basketball
so [?] are f*cking fools
my young g got ocd, so he’s always on point when he’s bagging up food
go opp block, when i get around [?]’s block
you can say them are amused
them men are shooting blanks, so all makes sense, they got no b*lls
how you screaming packs, when you ain’t got no packs?
they ain’t nothing at all, tryna confess mummy that i’m [?]
but she knows that her son’s [?]
four in a half of cadaan and madow
everything must go, like i’m tryna [?]
how many times i done it broad day
the opp block residents know what i’m on
getting ducked down by b*tch with the camera, cah we just chinged up a neighbour’s son
can’t put my trust in a b*tch, like, i don’t even trust my gun
i took the dot*dot to the opp block, and i still pull my shank alone
fresh outta jail, they sent me up
[?] f*ck
i [?] from so many men, [?] ain’t even met [?] pr*cks [?] my block
maybe they clock when i’m out the crime rates up, when i’m in the crime rates drops
i told my pr “it’s a coincidence that i came outta jail and shak got dropped”
but f*ck it, imma get high as f*ck
i mix the hash with the weed, that’s roll [?], for its [?]
but, god blessed the ones that are [?]
early said “my legs too long for the ped,” so where’s the foor door truck?
ay broski, where’s the foor door truck?
blade in my waist, one hand on the [?]
same time doing clutch and [?]
if thing didn’t jam, *** wouldn’t been here
cah i looked in his eyes, all i saw was fear
sippin on henny, i don’t f*ck with beer
toxicated, so i can’t think clear
when an opp gets dropped, the whole hood cheers
we see the n team, then the end is near
free the f*ckin’ guys man

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