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lirik lagu in the loop (bring it back now) – skarm


bring it back to the feelin
that hit you first
hard as the bang
when a bomb goes
from your mind

like won’t you be mine
on time i rhyme
for those
that bleed for sunshine
cmon i

get a little bit of weed
to fill the little bit of need
like can i proceed?
where the lyric be calling
to release like morphine
you like what you feel
straight to the bloodstream (4x)

like fam
i dont really give a d-mn
again and again
they talk but dont got the sk!ll to go ham
on a track
back to back
you really wanna push that?
try again
insert coin
finna push back

whos that?

just another cool cat
with the cool rap

life without melody
i never knew that
livin and breathing the boom bap
adjust to any style yea i do that

whos bad? im bad (break)

mj when the clock ticks down
whos up to break it down
and go head to head against the crown

when the sound
hitcha ear with the loop
and the groove
when it do what it do
just let the beat move ya

imma sooth ya
like it when i take my scars
and make a rhythm then rhyme
never fool ya
let the b-ss absorb
your angst
like a bang
play me when youe toastin
mind goes vast like an ocean
high speed

fueled by emotion
with my fam on the back
they know we gonna get it get it when i kick it cause i feel it
and im livin in your minute
in your mind and i grab it
cmon and hit rewind wind wind now

imma hit you real hard when the beat goes bang surprise
your whole fam like

leave your worry behind when i rhyme its like a
hint of o fresh thyme in your bread like

let it roll like you load a bowl bout that time we smoke some herb like

come get it when i prep it for the level of folks that come by when chill like this..