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lirik lagu double r – skie.dt


i take off like a rocket
oh, i thought you wondering
what could’ve paused it?
the day that you walked away
that’s the day that you lost me, girl
all these ho’s coming my way
but they just not what i need
i need me a soul that i can keep
i need a girl that makes every day feel like it’s a dream
but maybe it’s impossible, baby, i’m just not made for this
beautiful love’s with th*rns

[verse 1]
i pull up in a double r (double r)
pull up to the function zooted off the pills, i’m a rockstar
sippin’ lean out of a double cup, yeah, that’s wockhardt
like lil boat i took the wock to poland
these p*ssy n*ggas don’t know how to shoot so i had to show ’em
i really wanna talk sh*t, joe rogan
if you f*ck with us, we shoot up your function (function)
make you drown in the blood ocеan (oh yeah)
ex b*tch on my phone, mixing up blood potions (oh yeah)
my еx b*tch on my phone, phone, phone (oh yeah)
she won’t let me go, go, go (no, no)
so i took the chance to run away (away)
but it’s like you’re deluxed in all my pain
oh yeah, i smoke (what?) good gas (what?) help me (what?) relax
put me (what?) in a morgue (what?) i don’t wanna (what?) go there (what?)

[verse 2]
but i don’t really wanna stay here
it feels like happiness is a million light years away (away)
i don’t wanna search for her (search for)
i’ma search for happiness, i been on this since day one
promise that you fake, all the real ones is dead
all my bros is dead
i’ma run up the game
everyday, i’ve been getting bread
here you go, lost a f*ck about what you say

’cause you hoes all the same
now it’s time for me to fly away
to the promised neverland



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