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lirik lagu katelyn – skie.dt


i don’t like it a bit, hahaha
sometimes i just wanna be left alone
life is such a game
i been playing all alone

[verse 1]
but i don’t mind it
where’s my place in this world? i’m tryna find it
i don’t fight it, whatever lies you tell me, girl, i’ll buy it
’cause that’s what it means to love somebody
i been getting high, i can’t feel my body
you tell me that you love me, but, girl, i don’t believe you
off the drugs my third eye opens, your lies are see*through

you’ve lied to me a lot
probably one of the reasons i could’ve nеver believеd you
even if i wanted to

[verse 2]
creepin’ in the city, no nemo
catch him in the red light, slippin’
now he gon’ need stitches like lilo
big gun on my hip, so it got me limpin’
life is such a f*ckshow
i been stuck for years, tryna find my own home
days start to feel like years
when you’re up at night counting your tears
i got my buzz on these n*ggas, no lightyear
’cause when this is all over, girl, i won’t care if you drop tears
’cause you hurt me too
and the truth is that i’ll never wanna see you
frankly, i wish i never ever met you



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