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lirik lagu dance for me – skitso


chorus :

d-mn all them girls is on the flo/
love to see ya booty roll/
in the club poppin bottles we got mollies and lots of dro/
can you feel it in ya soul/
can you feel it in ya soul/
grab a model pour ya gl-ss up and raise a toast

hook :

i wanna see you girl/
i wanna see you girl/
i wanna see you girl/
dance for me for me/

verse one:

d-mn this can’t be heaven/
so many girls it’s a blessin/
step in wit bottles, full throttles, models is in here sweatin/
they sweatin from the steam/
i sware im in a dream/
light beams in every direction come here and feel my drink/


verse two:

d-mn this can’t be life/
so many girls its so nice/
surrounded by lights take shots bar the bar/
but tell that foo light on the ice/
no need for vip/
no need to see id/
its fine by me/
i’ll find some place somewhere where i can drink