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lirik lagu give it up – skitso


i been off, be off for a minute
now i’m back at it
i’ve been focused on my method like a crack addict
never took a crack at it
our percent of a half fraction
this rap sh-t is so simple, it’s simple mathematics
all i gotta do is add it up
this blueprint’s been there so it’s my time to stack it up
or better yet, my turn to build it
employees beware boss is in the buildin’
an i don’t give a f-ck if none of y’all feel it
cuz y’all don’t pay me i pay myself, n-gg- k!ll it
i pray to god, cuz this god willin’
cuz he gave me the will, so why the f-ck y’all ain’t kneelin’
on the ground, face down to the masta
alpha & omega it won’t be nothin’ afta
that’s on me & i put that on my death
cuz when i leave this earth it won’t be nothin’ left

i went to the school of docta
school of 50 cent
school of the west coast
and school of eminem
and that ain’t name droppin’
that’s just what it is
you n-gg-s is kids of the unknown
i’m on the throne like a price
i’m in my home playin’ bones lighin up a spliff
you n-gg-s clones in a dome swimmin’ like fish
step up and feel froggy you’ll get drenched
i’m on hits and i do it with my music
get up off the couch, what the f-ck you n-gg-s doin’
that’s one and i put this on myself
so when i leave this life, this earth this the realest
live it up n-gg-, give it up
if you from the west coast
if you from the east coast
n-gg- give it up
and n-gg- if you ain’t ridin you can’t give it up
and if you don’t like it n-gg- give it up

n-gg- give it up (x8)

they should have kept me in the mad house
i’m back out
for revenge wit the pen & my flask out
i was outta breath but n-gg-s thought i p-ssed out
always been in first place never took the last route
i should have knew it when she told me it was a turtle race
it had a turtles pace
out the gates like a hurdle race
yea i’m racin’, i’m chasin’ perfection
i need what’s promised to me cuz greatness is destination
and the lesson is never give up
and now i’m on the rise
so my head is big as f-ck
got my eyes on the prize
so they can give it up
and even when i get it
it still won’t be enough
cuz success is a journey not a destination
feel my time be takin’
gotta get it and i’m tired waitin’
and right now excuse mebut i gotta make it
goin’ for it cuz it’s mine for the takin’