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lirik lagu idealism of time – skydog music


darkness surrounds the darkest of sounds
the piercing screams, the violent reputation
i collide against those strokes of neons
endless (?)
i (?) (?), he’s my savior. my midnight entree

as thoughts go soft, pure visions
the hopeless idealism of time
hearts (?) endlessly of sorrow

i drown in this infinite fire of doubt
toxicity fills my lungs as my hearts swiftly beats
to, to the stripes of the blade, the blade that swings
the strikes of life, come in take the pain

i remain feeding like a helpless (?) (?)
empathy is a falsehood made from him
lassitudinous sense of the unknown
my final breath
as descend toward the ground

empathy revives apathy
the blood remains unseen, remains unseen