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lirik lagu 4 bar friday – skyzoo


uuh ball open for the next flow, i start scope over the next dog
i kind of cope from the dead on however want step here over
from a hunt and over run
doing with connect for, what’s the connect how got that dope
the sh-t playing what ya all ain’t know
still with that pow, and b-lls laze with the ..
pointed that heart and make lyrical also miss
i give the forty to flow it out, when double d-s before it’s out
you cut a run, i cut a sea and cut you out
it’s based on the cut of your jeans
you cut it down, these clowns are cut around
but you know what they cut it from
the blue print and run in sin and it’s run around
you want it done ain’t nothi to come and ride the
‘cuz memory son is that i’ve been on my ‘
asking for the cash no i grip like a hunter
back from to my react like this scriptures on the wall
back do all the track like this scriptures on the wall
back from to my react like this scriptures on the wall
we giving in her road, the calm before the storm
the time is for the tone, my hundred stacks are from the ..
but twenty third in the songs
the low as you shape and ..
but god stop on the walky, we couldn’t buy a league
well hey this was something but you see is fade will be duggin it
call my season measure the employs
lines over lines eleven on the floor
how ever want to wan take 12 pieces and draw
but that ‘ i pay b-tches and pro tunes
shine on the truck and no dudes
a breath of fresh air like old too
confront of your ..whatever you clothes to
the flow handle like blow spoons and hang do
brake want it the same, want to start a war
pull your heart at your chest like calm they got some
comprende got broke on every set the spoke
bout limbo better flow, but everything i let it go
‘fences for to form
doing the most and they still want more