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lirik lagu 3am anxious – slade


yeah, still awake at this time, huh?

[verse 1]
i been thinking a lot, man
that it’s every n-gga for himself fighting in against current of the mind plane

pensive a lot got me breaking the box
i mean i’m stressed undertaking a lot
at the point where i’m drawing the lot
not sketching but i’m drawing a lot

making a lot of mistakes
and i wonder when i’ll tell me to wake
and i wonder when this life’s gonna tell me to brake fast/breakfast
i ain’t had that in minute

making all these beats hope i’m sounding like 9th or something like 10th
man i really hope i’m doing the best
some of these n-ggas against that here
ain’t no luxury here

no favours. no trusting ’em here
i bet this life got flavours:
no tasting no guzzlin’ here

speaking of guzzlin’
thinking i should get an am snack
still hungry after midnight
yo, still hungry after midnight

[verse 2]
still hungry after 12 now
hunger pangs and things

plus this heat still doing the most
plus i’m lowkey feeling like this cold air doing far from close

back to bed now thinking ’bout foes
enemies that i’m willing fold
i’m too smart
i ain’t doing it, though

steady thinking about degrees you know
i know this life ain’t guaranteed you know
so i’m putting the keys in the ignition
and i’m driving off with speed you know

i’m driving off with speed, you know
driving off with speed you know?
still anxious –
driving off with speed you know
driving off with speed you know?