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lirik lagu 1997 (tonight we’re gonna party like it’s…) – sleepytime gorilla museum


get in the pick-up truck, we’re goin for a ride
come one man, it’s a downhill slide
remember the dead boys
crawl in the back, we’re goin’ downtown
come on bro, we can both fall down
remember the dead boys
got a big old cheap plastic bottle of gin
nasty, but it’ll do you in
got to keep on talkin’ so you don’t come to
what the h-ll, what the f-ck is wrong with you?
midnight ride 1997, one two three
motherf-cker you’re going down tonight
we’re takin’ you in
we’re takin’ you out
midnight ride, one two three, come on
tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1997
i know you’re tearin’ sh-t up and you drunk yourself wild
i been drinkin’ since i was a child
remember the dead boys
i know you outweigh me by fifty pounds
that won’t matter in a couple of rounds
if the cops get here first, you’re a dead man
you know i’m doin’ all i can
sing along, bro’, with the dead boys and the new york dolls
you know we like that noise

[in memory of sean]