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lirik lagu bulmas room 109 – slim guerilla


she say rilla mane you make too much smoke stuff
i say baby i know you don’t get enough
baby i’m a thug, i’m just n*gga, passioned up
and you know them n*ggas run around, yeah they acting tough
i’m just cool, smoking like a chill ass dude
warriored up, passioned up, feel this groove
baby i can make yo motherf*cking body move
with my voice i don’t even need to do anything extreme fool
b*tch i’m so smooth, b*tch i’m cool
when you see me, b*tch i jump up in the pool and you see that crystal bleu
yung aladdin on you too, control yo d*mn mind like some d*mn voodoo
b*tch you know you love this passion sh*t, admit it
b*tch i got that d*mn magic stick, just groove with it
in that hotel room, yeah you like this sh*t
when you see me vibing baby, baby i’m vibing like a pimp
yeah you see these shrimps, yeah you see these grits
this is what i enjoy, just vibe with me b*tch
i’m a passion playa, passioned up, and baby i don’t give no f*ck
i know that you like my tracks, why you tripping on me for
baby let’s just have some fun, baby let’s just ride together
baby i don’t want to do no foolish sh*t, so don’t be dumb



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