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lirik lagu 3rd degree murder (ryb-tre diss) – slim gutz


now how this man gonna say i’m garbage?
i’m an artist
you just stupid, you just mentally r*t*rded
oh my god i’m sorry, i f*cking disregarded
the fact that you left your head unguarded
now i gotta rap on this motherf*cking beat
now i gotta put another motherf*cker to sleep
now i gotta put a f*cking hole through your forehead
now i gotta leave you on the f*cking floor dead
this the motherf*cking k!llshot to the man dissing me
i’ll murder him dead this time with no sympathy
the death of ryb*tre, this time officially
trying to act tough, attacking me viscously
saying that my music is trash and it’s p*ssing me off
that was a cheap shot
like a kick in the b*lls
hitting a weak spot
trying to make me fall
tell me when to shoot, just give me the call
i was trying to give you a shot, trying to set the stage
but you decided to waste led on a page
it’s kinda sad i gotta lay you in your own grave
now i gotta put you in your own casket
you heard of delivery?
you sure lack it
if you think you’re k!lling me
you got me laughing
you were the one on the ‘gram kissing my ass
when i was wilding out now you taking jabs
from the left to the right i’m kicking your ass
inbred b*tch looking like your parents did incest
now i’ll squash you like a motherf*cking insect
you’re the one that wanted the beef
you got me sitting back, and i’m gritting my t**th
you calling me a fake? for real b*tch please!
you wanna go at my brother too cheap shot?
he’ll go ham too, get heated like a teapot
you got a weak ass glock
look what we got
ak*47s posted on the block
fight like bruce lee fought
tell me that i should burn in a hole
you little b*tch
tell me that i don’t pull h*lla hoes
you little b*tch
i’m about to lose it
i’m a real one, not a fake, don’t confuse it
i stay on the grind everyday
so stop wasting my time
you can’t even write a diss right, but at least you can rhyme
i’ll twist your head off, and sh*t down your neck
i’ll twist your head off, and rip out your spine
put a bullet through your head
and make sure your dead
i’m like darth vader
with a lightsaber
on my grind, put in hard labor