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lirik lagu 2025 – slim.ok


hoppin on this beat like a beast
imma bless your ears imma priest
shout to my n*ggas in the east
when i make it bring it home so we can eat

northside is where i’m at be chasing cheese
got this casio stainless steel it make me freeze
wanna reach the heavens imma smoke em’ trees
purple haze when i smoke it make me sneeze

i don’t pop pills but i’m lit
i be sippin’ lean i admit
i be trapping hard trynna get these bricks
never sell my soul such a sin never commit

if i don’t make it doesn’t mean i gotta quit
wih my n*gga shiftedwxlf get this cash we gotta split
finna cop a crib wih my n*ggas issa lifestyle
we be drippin’ hard we don’t cop no counterfeit

if i tell you about my past
i don’t want you to feel sorry
i want you to understand, why i am, who i am
i want you to love me with all my flaws
and not the fabrics
d*mn i fell in love wih a shawty at a turn up
22 april 2019 we ain’t break up till this day
told my shawty she ain’t even gotta stress
stick around wih me koz’ i’m smelling my success
yeah we gon finesse yeah

if you send a beat, send a zip imma compress
if i ain’t f*ckin’ with your shii imma confess
take a flight to uk, moving out with no regrets
it’s where i’m from you can check my documents

2025 finna see my in a jet
n*gga looking fresh, see these shawties be obsessed
wanna be my homie n*gga, no you can forget
i got my n*ggas in the back loaded for defense if these n*ggas trynna test me
you just slept on me now you see i got the recipe
started from the bottom we gon make it up eventually
if i f*ck a hoe i use a strap ion do no pregnancy