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lirik lagu 55 – slim thug


[verse 1: z-ro]
call me the king of the ghetto
let my money relax me
so i ain’t even trippin
if they tryna to tax me
say [?] to a giant
i’m too big for that
plus i’m a grown man
buy yourself a kid for that
baby mamas filing on me
a lot of people wanna sue me
i’m just a hood n-gg-
but my life is like a movie
h-ll no i’m not at home
i’m on the interstate
i got shit to do
i won’t be join you on your little dinner date
motherf-ckers think i’m illuminati
i follow jesus christ
i just shine bright
while i’m in a human body
look i swear to god
i grind so hard
so like sunlight
dipped in gold
my shine so hard

[chorus: z-ro]
yeah i’m in that candy thang
yeah big body
i am taking up two lanes
i got money
i’m not worried bout a thing
55 on the freeway man
i wonder should i let my top down
been hustling so long
i can’t stop now
it’s all love when my fans attack me man
cause when i’m tense i let the money
relax me baby

[verse 2: m.u.g.]
fresh out the hood
i’m smelling like a bag of that cali smoke
top backwards
ain’t a stain on my candy coating
shit, all i do is chase like a greyhound
on that mothership
swinging like we on a playground
(that’s right)
soda’s so polluted full of codeine
b-tches staring hard
cause i’m cleaner than some chlorine
jackers watching but i keep the semi on tuck man
never stop my grind
laws label me a suspect
f-ck ’em
on the run
i don’t ever sleep in
full time hustler
working on the weekends
these the shoes you wanna put your feet in
i’m in the [?] pool
caught up in the deep end


[verse 3: slim thug]
in the slow lane
never in a hurry
plus the kush smoke
got a n-gg- eyes blurry
too clean to speed
i’m holding up traffic
getting thumbs up
my b-tch looking attractive
everything immaculate
slab just flawless
ridin round
top down
on some boss hogg shit
to live the life
you gotta pay the price
if you want to win
you going have to shake the dice
advice from a real n-gg- just like you
can’t be saying what you fitna
or you might do
come and do something new
should have been my name
the way i stay k!llin boys in this wide frame