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lirik lagu 5k1 – slim thug


[verse 1:]
i grew up on that northside
where 1st 48 stay at
aks spray at
we want that
we take that
grieve ma n-gg-s
grey and corn [?] where they lay at
snitch b-tches and snitch n-gg-s
must be thinking that we play that
b-tch we got your pictures
can’t wait to get our payback
catch you later slick
and guaranteed we going spray that
take away my partners
we like brothers
we go way back
had to sign for ten
can’t see their sons turn to men
n-gg-s really 100
till they catch their first case
turn b-tch
start talking
before they step on first base
(b-tch n-gg-s)
no mo’ codes
these n-gg-s is hoes
telling the people shit
they ain’t even asked for
[?] son’s at his games
no more daddy
daughter’s birthday just p-ssed
no more daddy
gotta sign for ten
try minimum 25
not knowing if i see em
free again, alive
man that’s f-cked up
i hope all ya’ll die
i know that’s f-cked up
but i hope all ya’ll die
ya’ll f-cked up
and got caught
should have kept ya’ll head up
imma send them k!llaz your way
and let that lead lift ya’ll head up

until the day i’m gone
imma be a real n-gg-
and if you ain’t a real n-gg-
i can’t even deal witchu
(i can’t f-ck witchu man)
a n-gg-’s 5k1
i seen your paperwork n-gg-
(i seen your paperwork n-gg-)
so when i catch ya’ll in the streets
it’s rip to ya’ll n-gg-s
out of sight

[verse 2:]
get out the game
if you can’t take your charge
this game ain’t for the weak
ya’ll f-cking up the odds
e’erybody tell it
but e’erybody sellin
go get a job pussy
if you scared to be a felon
that’s a chance you take
for this money you make
was in the free world stuntin
big crib on the lake
ya’ll get money made you real
you n-gg-s real fake
wish ma partners would have listened
when we told em you was fake
free jimbo, lee gray, owl
and the [?]
q h-town hustlers
tryna get that bread
all my hustlers in the game
i know they got you scared
these n-gg-s working with the people
this game so evil
ma n-gg-s ain’t k!lled n-body
they just tryna feed they fam
they tryna give them life
for just moving them grams
movin them birds
wanting a better life
all i can do is pray
have mercy jesus christ