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lirik lagu 1,2,3,4 (houseshoes blues) – slum village



yo, it’s the s, the houseshoes
as we relax your eardrums call me [?] the masseuse
you know i come wit’ it, like titties come in twos
houseshoes my n*gga, we can’t lose
don’t snooze, just choose the kid you can not refuse
you wanna party, i hope you brought ya own booze
you don’t like it, floor me baby, ya one*two, testing
one*two, yo testing, one*two


ayo, ugly djs, don’t be sore
just another frontier for the s to explore
can’t a young man make money anymore?
selling mixtapes at a convenient record store
therefore the answer’s sure
things to make you move, to make you get on the floor
make you adore these rappers lay law
one*two y’all, 1, 2, 3, 4