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lirik lagu i let an ai rewrite smg4’s wotfi 2023 rap – smg4


[intro: ciblesyt as smg4, smg3 & mario]
don’t look back, the boys are jumping on the train!
the ghosts are starting to appear around the girl!
what are you? get the f*ck out my house before i call the police!
no deal brexit!

[bridge: ciblesyt as elsie lovelock]
we gotta lose the heat for as*xuals
we gotta lose the heat for as*xuals!
im cumming in the california desert
who the h*ll is writing this story?
you can’t write women

[verse 1: ciblesyt as smg4, smg3, mario, bob]
oh man, they’re everywhere, they can reproduce?
i should start shooting them, getty images
what? no, you kidding me? you don’t like obama?
yeah, i get it, i also hate the union
intruder alert, it’s a woman in ohio!
woah, watch it, it’s a ds!
why are we singing agaisnt h0m* s*xuals?

[verse 2: ciblesyt as smg3, mario & smg4]
zip right past them with winrar
30 september 2008
hey, you! don’t move! the p**py baby b*tches!
uh, no, that’s not basic biology
we’re not cavemen, we’re cavewomen!
global warming, paris paris paris paris paris paris
paris paris paris paris
hey, wait, no, stop, elon musk!
[bridge: ciblesyt as elsie lovelock]
as the roulette wheel spins, human rights get lost
can you please stop playing with my br**sts!?
i think i found victoria’s secret
maybe shes german or steals from old navy
where is my wife? the rapture is coming!

[verse 3: ciblesyt as mario, smg3 & smg4]
you idiots just fell right into reddit
you’ll now be a maga for donald trump
that wears thigh highs and legally pirates every single nintendo game!
are you serious? you’re racist?
oh well, yes, i have a proud racist part
kim jong un!
c’mon, mario, stop this!
what happened to black lives matter?
the slogan is reaching more people than before
you should learn how to be a liberal!
come closer then and meet barack obama
and learn how to be a communist supporter!
whoa, really? you’re not even christian?
you jerk!?
[bridge: ciblesyt as elsie lovelock]
the game is in our hands, please enable
java script to watch this video
flash player doesn’t exist
getty images on f*cking fire
1985 in thailand!
1985 in thailand!

[outro: ciblesyt as smg4, smg3 & both]
wipe that smile off of your face, son
this is a fascist country
your wishes bring me giant titties!
i’m happy to be a lesbian!
i’m happy to be g*y, period!

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