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lirik lagu park bench blues – smoke dza & monstabeatz


[intro: curren$y]
like spike lee and wesley snipes on the bench
sound like some sh*t from jungle fever or some sh*t

[verse 1: curren$y]
swear you would think spike lee was sittin’ right next to me on that park bench when i wrote this
rhymin’ movie script
but it’s all true, this is a recount of real events
i present a way to make cocaine from these ink pens
i sink into that bentley interior, feelin’ superior
competition is none, they inferior
andrеtti an emperor
ninja kickin’ dust
up into the еyes, rendering you
defenseless, bruh
all of my sp*ceships is rimmed up
smokin’ on the balcony, call valet to pull three of my benzes up
i can’t decide which one to ride
call two of my main guys, we bring ’em all out at the same time
emblems lookin’ like pink signs when we slide
south beach, miami, new orleans, east side
you never seen it though because you always inside
i’m in the street like the reflectors in the white lines
[interlude: smoke dza]
kush god, b*tch

[verse 2: smoke dza]
me and top shelf pot, that’s a love story
puff*puff in cullinans, move in luxury
every two hundred i make, i gotta tuck forty
have two m’s saved the time i touch forty
holler, “negativity, get the f*ck off me”
already doused in silver mountain, spent enough on creed
drought comin’, what the flux gon’ be?
everybody got it now, but when it’s up, you’ll see
ha, i got a license for these dope sales
yeah, we catchin’ packages like odell
yeah, you know i gotta feed my folks well
when it’s over, they gon’ speak ’bout me in folktales (right)
legend in the game like w*lly
legend in my lane, type chilly
alright, really, hold on, let me iso
these n*ggas cappin’ and they yappin’ like it’s really life goals



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