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lirik lagu packing – smxke


yeah i got it (huh)
b-tch you know i got it (what)
all the chronic (hot sh-t)
dime bag in my pocket (b-tch i flip it)
hit me up (cash app)
n-gg- want a quarter pound (super loud)
got you slumped (took too much)
put a light-weight on the ground (put him out)
yeah im stackin all the packs of the guala (packin fire)
i ride a rari, b-tch you sportin an impala (zoom zoom zoom)
i worship nothing, you is praying to the allah (asalamalakun)
know what im saying, see yo chick and then i holla (ay lul shorty)

and then i make the b-tch cream
take her to my house
then i lick her p-ssy clean
got her so aroused
when im playin with her bean
eat her out so good
she cannot help but just to scream

n-gg- try to test me, you get beat
yes i would (with the gat)
n-gg- wanna squabble from the beef
know i should (hit you fast)
knock you to the ground, got you sleep
in my hood (b-tch you lack)
take a knife up to your throat its deep
cut you good
yes i could

pull my long sleeve up
to let my diamonds glow (im drippin)
if im trynna stunt
i let my patek show (stay wishin)
if you wanna get buck
im busting through yo door (unforgiven)
i raid your place super fast
you thought it was a ghost