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lirik lagu 0h w0w – snatch man & the pickle bois


[chorus: ron and pickle boy 3]
you won’t put
my finger in your b*tthole
want two knuckles in your garlic knot
pucker up and lemme put that marinara
in your spaghetti dungeon

[verse 1: pickle boy 3]
no box in my life, i finally find some f*cking clarity
b*tches be fine but they’re really f*cking scared of me
steppin’ on a minefield, every day a misery
one wrong step and my life is f*cking history
320, it’s a home but it goes away
i’ll stay stoned, issa known, i won’t go astray
102, it’s my tomb, it’s the new sh*t
i owe you for the glue cuz we coolin’
609 to the 860, you saved my life, i ain’t ready to go
i ain’t ready to go

[chorus: ron and pickle boy 3]
you won’t put
my finger in your b*tthole
want two knuckles in your garlic knot

[verse 2: pickle boy 4]
drama all around me
grasping for some honesty
brandon tryna f*ck me
carved out like a poultry
time of the year when everybody’s carving
seems i’ve got no choice but be a turkey or a pumpkin
either get backstabbed and roasted by the fire
or have my insides torn out and still be forced to smile
no other choices
stuck in the middle like jimmy eat world
couldn’t pick flavors so all my emotions swirled
do i risk it with one and f*ck up the other
am i worth anything without my brother?
at some point in a drought you gotta find an oasis
and suddenly you start admiring the other boys’ faces
suddenly you want more than a friend*to*friend basis
hold me tight and penetrate me with your pen**wait

[verse 3: pickle boy 1}
i got lost in the grass
skipped another class
and swore it’d be my last
i saw a pretty lass the other day
i made her laugh, but she was just an apparition
reminiscent of an ex, d*mn
gone is the past
i thought it would be easier
i made it but i’m gaspin’
and every time i smoke now
i’m always f*cking hackin’
queue the laughin’
followed by the bowl tappin’
pack one more, cut it with the ashes
didn’t see the harm in justifying damage
but the thing about the heart is that we all feelin’ lost
and we lookin’ for a spark just to feel like we’re adequate
and even though we try to manage all the sadnesses
navigate a broken world in our awkward apparatuses
and the madness wants to take its toll
even when your coffers running low, and you feeling mighty powerless
grab ya homies, hold ’em tight
use that love for your bandages
i swear it’ll make it right
and even if it doesn’t
the world’s probably gonna end soon anyway