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lirik lagu 12/18/2019 – snatch man & the pickle bois


[intro: pickle boy 1]
ok, winston
this is the last time you will have to hear me sing this song
’cause i’m going go off, going go off
not a phrase, not a phrase
you f*cking fool, that’s not a phrase

[chorus: pickle boy 2]
there’s 17 reasons why i can’t be with you
but on this day, i really wanna wish you
happy birthday
happy birthday

[verse 1: pickle boy 1]
i’ve got a pungent p*ck*r
girthquake and it looks a little red
east london dungeon double*decker
if they wanna get to steppin’
then we deuce*deuce
double upper deckin’ ’em
in the toilet by their kid’s bedroom
then they dubbin’ us the hung*enough bulls to be cuckin’ hubbies
yeah, wifies love us
putting face paint on ’em like they goin’ to the moma
then we huckin’ cummies on they stomachs
yelling krakatoa, toss a towel for the clean up
point ’em toward the door cuz intimacy gimme bellyache
make me wanna throw up
so what, i’m a sl*t
i just think it’s cute how you thought i’d maybe give a f*ck

[chorus: pickle boy 2]
happy birthday
happy birthday

[verse 2: pickle boy 4]
disclaimer: this song wasn’t my idea
snow’s fallin’
party’s over
hearts falling
barely sober
middle of the winter, sunlight running out
mid*december, nothing to be jolly ’bout
seasons affect but this ain’t no disorder
running to some hope like refugees fleeing ‘cross the border
emotion dehydration, running low on water
scared of when my school becomes my alma mater
the only ocean i can see is your eyes
but your vision always blinded by the bad guys
but before all is lost, we catch a glimmer of hope
an oasis in the desert, a faint trail of smoke
an answer to our prayers to see what’s underneath
three months gone by
december 18th