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lirik lagu 100 bars – sob x rbe


[verse: daboii]
what the f*ck is lacking, brodie he’ll keep a thang or two
pulling up, then b*tches hopping on is like some kangaroos
brother he got b*tches lol i had to bang a few
she ask how many hoes i played i told her i can name a few
you think ima mess with you but do that make some sense to you?
hold up b*tch the gang calling, promise i will get to you
told me that i’m losing her and say that i got sh*t confused
but i’m a winner baby, told her ass i ain’t got sh*t to lose
i ain’t got a heart like where my feelings go?
glaciers i ain’t f*cking with i swear i am not feeling those
when she get to choosing from the back boy i be k!lling those
called her on her emotions oh my god i cannot deal with those
why these hoes be lying, tell the n*gga keep it real with me
pillow talking, never, tell me something and it sit with me
you pay a fee to get him gone, my n*ggas, they will k!ll for free
get the neck and body checked so no you cannot chill with me
made it to the top, while your b*tch, she be topping me
my n*ggas flocking first cause they won’t let a n*gga flock on me
louies talking to me when i’m walking like you copied me
my diamonds going crazy like i do not have a clock with me
nothing given, gotta hustle, let you have them shots for free
mj in the finals, goofy n*ggas ain’t no stopping me
diamonds holding down my ear, feel like a b*tch is socking me
get what i want, then pass her ass, she text me while you blocking me
nappy head n*gga, i talk a lotta nonsense
don’t care about sh*t, any f*cks, i will not give
if the sh*t ain’t dark on everything, i will not send
try to rob me, on everything, i will not strip
you the type of n*gga sneaky talk, and be lame about it
i’m the type to pull up on your block, ain’t no way around it
you the type to get your b*tch f*cked, and complain about it
i’m the type to f*ck a n*gga b*tch and get some change up out it
you the type of n*gga that be falling in love
i’m the type to go on hypes and be finessing the plug
you the type to hit the loud and cough up your lungs
only smoke i ever touched the one that come out my gun
a couple n*ggas fade away, call them jump shots
stupid b*tch give me head, call that dumb top
off the loud, i can’t breathe like my lungs shot
sneak diss on the gang, you hear gunshots
saying that’s your b*tch, she got hit, boy her mouth bad
sob the family, we made that sh*t a while back
diamonds wet, f*ck a river, n*ggas want the nile back
n*ggas said they plotting on us, still ain’t reach they climax
strip club, got lil george with me and he curious
my n*ggas on promethazine, your n*ggas sipping beer and sh*t
i ain’t never scared, born pressure, i ain’t fearing sh*t
n*ggas do that sneaky talk, bummy i ain’t hearing it
f*ck your 9 to 5, uniforms, i ain’t wearing it
i’m racing to the money, i got wheels, you ain’t steering sh*t
you love the b*tch, i dogged her hoe, and watched her shed a tear and see
my b*tch, she a walking bank, so watch me disappear in it
a b*tch, i’m never chasing her, and you can ask my uncle p
cartis tinted h*lla dark, can someone get them off of me?
n*ggas pillow talking, i just laugh cause n*ggas soft to me
you try to flip your cash and i’m that guy so come and talk to me
racing to the money, f*ck waiting, this a track meet
b*tches hop from bro to bro, these b*tches really athletes
you cuddle with the b*tch, but ima f*ck her in the back seat
drop the b*tch off, with my timbs and a black tee
i been stacking up, i ain’t worried bout no new clothes
money in my denims got me looking like a sumo
big n*gga chasing money, lil n*ggas chasing new hoes
how much you spent up on your fit, i’m laughing n*gga, who knows
all i chase is benjis, i ain’t worried bout a female
ima hit her once then ima send her like an email
smell like a skunk when i go by, them hoes be like he smell
i get it for the juug, you n*ggas cashing out for retail
i be tucked off, only see me on ig
played the b*tch, off to her sister, got her screaming “why me”
never cheat on money so dismiss me with that wifey
b*tch asked if i’m rolling, i reply b*tch i might be