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​endless rain - softheart lyrics


me and these boys are not the same except the chromosomes
psilocybin chocolates look like toblerone
by the time i see the [?] and now i’m going home
i’ve been putting up a fight but this battle’s long
i don’t know how much longer i can hold on
i light different ways, doing the same drugs
nothing changed, they still never showed me love
think i’m weird but i’m only doing me
and if you don’t like that then i suggest leaving
we are not friends, you only hit me for a reason
i was off the [?] straight exorcising demons
i have never, i have never been inside of [?]
i just checked the clock by the window of the estate
it’s a brand new day for money to be made
it’s a beautiful day and you just spent it soaked in hate
i’ve been outside all day dancing in the rain
when i cry it makes a good sound so i dance through the pain
i walk around in a dream state
when i wake, i live in this constant feeling of angst
ohh, ohh

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