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lirik lagu 4 5 6 – sole


[jt money]
yo, what’s up?
what’s up baby?
dis yo n-gg-
n-gg-, where da f-ck you at?
[jt money]
mr. good d-ck, what you say?
i said where da f-ck you at?!
[jt money]
what how you feel?
how you say you feel?
i feel like you need to get home before yo sh-t be outside
[jt money]
you say you daddy to come through and regulate?
what? put his thang down, what? it’s all good

it could be 4, 5 or 6, you bet’ not be nowhere laid up wit no b-tch
you betta bring that home to momma, don’t be playin and sh-t
if you get h-rny when you out, no need for eyein’ them hoes
why eat a burger when you got steak and potatoes at home?
a short drive is all it takes, i’m just a phone call away
ain’t no excuses m-th- f-cka for you runnin astray
i give it to you when you want it aint no other’s like mine
yo ex-b-tch can’t f-ck with this, so don’t be wastin’ yo time
the indian, black mix, boy like i told you before
and we can ay yi yi the fur rug on my living room floor
and ain’t nan hoe gon’ bring it like you know i’mma bring it
and ain’t nan hoe gon’ freak it like you know i’mma freak it
and ain’t nan hoe gon’ shake it like you know i’mma shake it
and aint nan hoe gon’ take it like you know i’mma take it
so don’t make me come lookin for you, pull you outta some mix
then turn around and bust you in yo sh-t for 4, 5 or 6

[1: kandi]
i don’t care if it’s 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in the morning
boy you better call me when you think you gettin h-rny
i don’t give a d-mn bout who you with
just as long as you aint givin up my sh-t

[repeat 1]

[jt money]
you know me as your player, your pipe layer, your all night stayer
all up in your sauce when you need your rocks off
knock your socks off, baby off the chain in this b-tch
have your wide -ss open while i’m slangin’ this d-ck
got you lovin’ this sh-t, suckin and f-ckin this d-ck
wanna go and make some bucks for this d-ck
fightin’ all in the club for this d-ck
i’m that player that you chose
long as you satisfied, baby f-ck them other hoes
just keep my p-ssy h-rny so you can put it on me
girl you know i’m the only one who can satisfy your monkey
ain’t n-body gon’ do you like i do when i put this love stick inside you
money man guaranteed to satisfy you
have you open all night like a drive-through
so bring yo thang on so i can get my bang on
i hope you likes a good f-ck because my game strong
and i ain’t lyin’ girl you wouldn’t if you could quit
i signs my name on that p-ssy, mr. good d-ck
that’s my sh-t

[repeat 1]
[repeat 1]

now n-gg- what you gone do, ugh, let me put this good lovin on you
we can do everything that you want to
’cause i like it real freaky, n-gg- don’t you
that’s right, don’t make no promises
can’t find none better than mommas is
stay wet, stay tight, keep you comin’ back
go all night feelin’ right, you be lovin that
h-ll yeah, like wanna make enough moves
f-ckin you boy like i got something to prove
runnin loose, f-ck it n-gg- gotta pay dues
make you wanna tell ya boys all about whose
no talkin’ now, come get the good sh-t
make you never wanna f-ck another hood b-tch
have ya breakin’ off plans to come and lay me
mutha f-cka, don’t ever try and play me

[repeat 1 to fade]