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lirik lagu 4 people – solillaquists of sound


verse 1 (swamburger)

i know this group right, they the true type, the ones
who give love regardless of a duke fight. they don’t
complain a lot, they don’t h-ssle. if it wasn’t for you
they wouldn’t battle. they’d take a bullet in a minute
if they had to. always had a plus for bad news. rush to
flush a pair of unkind foes with unforgettable math.
you’d consider it p-ss you, either that or laugh
through the facts due to this group i speak of. if you
though it was us were flattered but, talking bout
ourselves just feed buzz… well, first im’a tell you who
the group was. there was 5 born from the word of mouth
then grew to 500, p-ssing on traits of great tapes to
5000. some call em fans or the crowd… if you’re
listening that group is you now. i used to imitate the
group, still visit quit a few even when i got nothing
new to say. who are they? i’m with them and they with
me… extended hand to the fan, you family.

hook (divinci):

you might just think it’s ‘bout us,
but it’s not just about us,
picture us performing with no one on the floor (no),
but it goes deeper than that,
yes, much more deeper than that
there’s no one who loves you more.

verse 2 (alexandrah)

when i was down they cheered me on
now i’m grateful just to know them
wherever i go, wherever we go
positive excited types who would explain
to those who know the overall
but question details
glad to have met a rep of imminent kin
exponential reaches cause of field we’re in
first turned up in a group of few
friends joined in next, newcomers too
teamed on street and nearly broke the phones
inundating radio
applaud our gift
i’m so grateful that you did


verse 3 (swamburger)

thank you for your patient timing, i’m in debt to you
forever. i appreciate your will to demonstrate the
haps, biggin up the under-pup acc-mulating daps.
sharing piece of mind with you used to be a fright. now
i feel a bond between the song and the “right!”


thank you for your patient timing,
i’m in debt to you forever
grateful to have with you grown
every city really feels like a home
live this truth so i hope it shows
love you all it’s important to know