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lirik lagu imsorry – solltude


we was one of a kind, 2 stars brightly we’d shine
but things went south and all i’d do is hear you f-cking sigh
i found out about todd and nearly lost my f-cking mind
you telling him you love him, and i said that’s not all right
with that sh-t started another fight, the last one of the night
you got me floating like a kite
high up on my toes with you holding a knife you stuck it in my back
your courageous that you dont even f-cking lack
but your act of hatred was something bad never forget that
love is strong but hatred man its alot of f-cking whack
just remember that despite the fact that i’m p-ssed and i still love you
i’m sorry i left you and put all my sh-t above you
but little did you see i carried the world on my shoulders and was breathing in the sea
i was living in the trees
with mother earth beneath my feet
i had you by my side
and everything was perfect
so whyd you have to go and chop me down like, i f-cking deserved it
i felt worthless going on unnoticed
you should know this cause you was the same
only differance is it was the people you around and it was me that they would blame
you call them your real friends half of them don’t even know your f-cking name
i’m sorry
i’m being rude
let me skip back to the day were i’d intrude
just to poke around and learn things about you
like your birthday
september 8th
remember when i saved you from that random guy? ripped him out the car screaming “f-cker go inside”
cause i saw that look, that evil glare in his eye i knew he was just wanting a booty call, and no matter what he was getting it that night, and that was the night you finally talked to me, see its the small things like that that i remember, like that one day in december when we were in your house cooking