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lirik lagu 3 pointers – solo margiela


[intro: solo margiela]
ay, i sip medicine wit my cream soda
i’m only shootin’ 3 pointers, yea

[verse 1: solo margiela]
play wit’ my n-ggas then it’s gone be a moshpit
young fly n-gga i’m ducked off in the c-ckpit
drippin style, drippin flavor, now and later
these ain’t no giuseppe’s these ain’t no alligators
you scratch that margiela leather it’s gone get major
young n-gga world we ain’t juggin’ off no pagers
comcast, b-tch i’m juggin’ off some cable
freebands, i can’t do minimum wages
even as a child i was wild
but my grandma never knew cause of my smile
i remember hearing gun sounds
seen a n-gga fall and his head hit that ground
i was 12 takin’ pictures wit my uncle sticks
i used to hit the gas station for them wood tips
member them n-ggas jumped my cousin i was mad as sh-t
i went and found my daddy gun i wish he had a stick
i let off every shot, and i still missed
my cousin took the charge, i thought he’ll snitch
wasn’t no bad kid, i was good in a sense
but, hangin wit my cousins took my innocence

[hook x4: solo margiela]
i sip medicine with my creme soda, aye
i’m only shootin 3-pointers yea

[verse 2: moezart]
b-tch i want money forever
i do the dash, put some water in my bezel
got water like ocean 11
i’m workin, yo’ n-gga a peasant
when mom was arrested, i stood on my heels
i swear for my brother, a n-gga gettin’ k!lled
young n-gga just tryna’ get me a mill
young n-gga striking for racks like a eel
pops in the feds just for bein’ hungry
young n-gga just tryna’ get some money
i painted the picture they thought was funny
pour lean in the pitcher, they sleepin’ on me
ye, free my pops he in the feds
young n-gga sippin’ that red
these n-ggas, they funny like ted, ye
and ion give a f-ck what they said
you better not play wit’ my bread
disrespect and i swear leave you dead
growin’ up swear i ain’t have nun’
young n-gga just tryna have some
young n-gga want me some funds
i swear i don’t care bout no fun, yea

[hook x4: solo margiela]
i sip medicine with my creme soda, aye
i’m only shootin 3-pointers yea