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lirik lagu total meltdown – someone still loves you boris yeltsin


we brushed death
we clashed teeth
the smartest girl you will ever believe

i’m not so good
i’m kinda dumb
the luckiest boy you will ever meet

i got my life
i got my friends
and that is all we will ever need

we got this feeling
we got this moment
and that is all we will ever need

and i’m not afraid

and if i land up in the air
could i melt down anywhere
the world is blurred from way up here
coming uncurled, this is clear
i’m not afraid

we touched god
we skinned sin
we found life even stranger

my dim wits
your wisdom
let’s cherish our accomplishments

it’s time to say it
this time we mean it
this time it all falls into place

we know we want it
we wanna know it
the water boils near the edge

and i’m not afraid
oh shit
i’m not afraid